HELLO THERE MR JONES (Sunshine) offered by Sarah McKibben

What Buyers are saying...

"I don't think I can even find the words for how I feel about this horse! He is the kindest soul, most willing partner, and most well trained. I would never have thought it possible to find all of these qualities in one horse! Thank you for making him into the horse that he is! We love him so much ❤️"


MS GET A CLU (River) offered by Sarah Hoffmann

What buyers are saying...

"I am IN LOVE!!!!!!💕 Ooooooh her lope... that's the moment I started to fall in love... Well, that and her nuzzles when I was just standing with her. 💕 She is so patient and curios. I love it. I just know she is going to help me ride better. I need a better seat and she was so gentle in adjusting her lope speed and smoothness according to my seat. Wow!!"


SHINED UP SHINER (Toothpick) offered by Teagan & Megan Hansen

What buyers are saying...

"I just wanted to give you an update on Toothpick. He is seriously the best horse we have ever owned. I love him so much and cannot say enough good things about him. He has the sweetest demeanor and rides so smooth. He is a family favorite. Thank y'all so much for training such a great horse. We will be looking for another one in the future and will definitely reach out to you guys. "


Pluto offered by Sarah McKibben

What buyers are saying...

"Pluto and I just finished our first ride together. He was fabulous and got to meet some of his new brothers. He's a dream to ride, thank you so much Sarah for the wonderful job you've done with him! I'm so excited about him. "


Boujee offered by Ryan Sankey

What buyers are saying...

"We are having more fun with this amazing boy than I ever dreamed!! He's melted right into the family and is loved beyond belief. I have hundreds of pics 😂 I'm trying to talk my husband into going again 🍾"


DUAL PLAYDUN (Mocha) offered by Riley Schmitt

What buyers are saying...

"Hey Riley- Mocha (now called Cowboy) is doing great!! Such a fun guy. Fearless of everything- bikes, strollers, dogs, joggers. I'm taking him down to Shawnee Forest in October. "

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